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Bringing the world’s best gear to the world’s best backyard.

We are fortunate to live in the world’s best backyard. So it’s only right that we bring you the best gear from around the world to enjoy it.

Southern Approach is an outdoor wholesaler and distributor in New Zealand, proud to offer the world’s best brands to outdoor retailers.

Whether you climb, ski, tramp, bike, adventure race, camp or just enjoy being in the outdoors, our stockists will make sure you have the right gear for your adventure.

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Latest News

  • Summer Challenge Lake Tekapo
    Summer Challenge

    Summer Challenge is one of the gems of NZ women’s adventure racing. Teams of three take part in a kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and coasteering adventure.

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  • How to choose your tent or shelter

    When you are choosing a shelter, consider where you are going to be using it, what weather you are going to experience, the load you are prepared to carry and for how long.

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  • Gear Review | SCARPA SL Active Boots

    When you’re out in New Zealand’s southern back country, footwear that can handle the conditions is vital. Pete Doonan has put SCARPA’s SL Active boot to the test,

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