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Bringing the world’s best toys to the world’s best playground.

We source the best adventure and outdoor equipment from around the world, and bring it to you with all the advice and know-how necessary to assist you in making your next adventure equipment purchase.

Southern Approach is an outdoor wholesaler and distributor in New Zealand, offering quality products within the outdoor market. We source the world’s best brands and deliver quality gear. Whether it’s climbing, skiing, tramping or camping, we’ve got it.

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Latest News

  • Win with Inov-8 and Ring of Fire

    As a proud sponsor of the Ring of Fire Volcanic Ultra, Inov-8 has an entry to give away.

    Details and entry form here.

  • Running Te Araroa for Mental Health

    Brook van Reenen is running the 3,000 km Te Araroa Trail to raise money for mental health.

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  • ARC Adventure Race: Free School Team Entry

    Osprey has teamed up with ARC Adventure Race to offer a free school team entry into the Raiders of the Last Arc event.

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