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Bringing the world’s best gear to the world’s best backyard.

We are fortunate to live in the world’s best backyard. So it’s only right that we bring you the best gear from around the world to enjoy it.

Southern Approach is an outdoor wholesaler and distributor in New Zealand, proud to offer the world’s best brands to outdoor retailers.

Whether you climb, ski, tramp, bike, adventure race, camp or just enjoy being in the outdoors, our stockists will make sure you have the right gear for your adventure.

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Latest News

  • Helinox Chairs

    Helinox makes lightweight and highly portable camp furniture for backcountry adventures.
    Engineered using DAC aluminium and packaged with a five-year warranty.

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  • SCARPA Climbing Shoe Demo

    The SCARPA climbing shoe collection is wide and varied and, thanks to their continuous research, SCARPA continue to create models suitable for every type of climbing and level, Indoor, Crags, Bouldering or Long Routes.
    We have selected a range of climbing shoes that we believe best fit New Zealand climbing conditions and climbers. Try them  at a shoe demo near you

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  • SCARPA | Ribelle Run

    The Ribelle Run trail running shoe is for those who are looking for absolute precision and high adaptability on any degree of difficulty or type of terrain.

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