Welcome to Southern Approach

Bringing the world’s best gear to the world’s best backyard.

We are fortunate to live in the world’s best backyard. So it’s only right that we bring you the best gear from around the world to enjoy it.

Southern Approach is an outdoor wholesaler and distributor in New Zealand, proud to offer the world’s best brands to outdoor retailers.

Whether you climb, ski, tramp, bike, adventure race, camp or just enjoy being in the outdoors, our stockists will make sure you have the right gear for your adventure.

Latest News

  • Summer Challenge Adventure Race

    Summer Challenge is an exciting adventure race for women. It’s the iconic Spring Challenge’s best friend with kayaking, mountain biking and hiking. CamelBak and Sea to Summit are long-term partners.

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  • Kiwi Walk Run Series

    The Aramex Kiwi Walk Run Series explores some of New Zealand’s best trails with options to run or walk at your own pace. CamelBak is delighted to be the Official Hydration Partner.

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  • Spirited Women Adventure Race

    Spirited Women Adventure Race, where women team up and have a blast of an adventure together, now have CamelBak and inov-8 right there with them.

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  • Sooji Clarkson | Brand Ambassador

    Sooji Clarkson discovered climbing later but soon developed a love for it and mountaineering. She is our newest Black Diamond Ambassador.

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