BÉAL is a small family enterprise located in Vienne, in the French Department of Isere.

At BÉAL, we have strong values ​​and convictions, which have their roots in the history of climbing and mountain sports. It is from this history that we have been developing innovative products for 30 years.  Always pushing the limits to explore further and guarantee your security.

Since our beginnings, we have always designed and manufactured our products ourselves. Being a manufacturer, confronting the challenges of production means acquiring essential expertise to guarantee quality and innovation. And it is thanks to our many years of experience that we have become experts in technology and the development of new standards.

BÉAL has grown through 30 years of innovation, and we believe that it is important to share our values and know-how.  As a leader, it is our duty to offer better products, more innovative products, better-performing products for the end user. As a manufacturer, we control each step of production.


Our aim is to stay connected to the environment and because nature is our playground, we are committed to preserving it. Without greenwashing, because we are aware that our polyamide ropes are not ecological equipment, we have implemented two initiatives to support their life cycle. For each rope sold, a tree is planted to promote reforestation in Madagascar. And 100% of our dynamic ropes are recyclable.

BEAL sells more than 8 million metres of ropes in 50 countries worldwide annually.