Boot Bananas

Designed in the UK by creative couple, model maker Alex and rock climbing instructor Phil, Boot Bananas was born…

Fighting the funk

We had just moved into our first flat together and the smell of Phil’s climbing shoes had become a problem he could no longer hide. We tried everything on the market to deodorise them, but nothing was up to the challenge. So, putting our best feet forward, we decided to fight the funk ourselves.

It’s… a banana!

Wanting to avoid any synthetic chemicals, we perfected our own powerful blend of naturally deodorising salts and minerals. Alex got to work designing the optimum shoe-friendly shape. And, when combining this with yellow fabric, had her ‘light bulb moment’… Boot Bananas was born. Once Phil’s fruity-footed climbing friends had rigorously tested the bananas, our little South London flat became a hub of lavender-infused activity. Learn more about the ingredients that go into Boot Bananas.

Fruits of our labour

Over the following year we handmade thousands of Boot Bananas from home, before teaming up with a professional factory to help meet demand for our ever-growing customer base. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.