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Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “I’m bored’ over the years ……

We made a Boredom Busters jar full of ideas and when boredom struck, a hand would go in the jar and we’d do whatever was pulled out. We had 3 different colours – one was for Cheap and Cheerful (or free), one was for things within a set budget, and one was for Treats and Adventures.

Set up what works for you – maybe its just Inside or Outside. Adults or older kids could use this as way to get all those jobs finally done, but balance it with enjoyable things.
You will be limited to what you have on hand as popping to the shops is out, time to get creative and tap into the No 8 wire DNA!

Adventure Magazine has made their latest issue free, as their way to help out. Read it here

Here are a few suggestions for varying ages. Please send us any suggestions of your own  – marketing@southernapproach.co.nz.

  • Backyard camping – set up the tent or just do a meal
  • Set up the camping games – swing ball, croquet
  • Make some retro (aka from the ‘olden days’) games:
    • remember gutter board, made with a couple of boards and a tennis ball?
    • Quoites made from old hose or rope and a peg in the ground, or re-purpose the cat’s scratching post (we’re all in this together right!!)
    • Knuckle bones or jacks – find 5 suitable sized stones, paint them if you like. Rules here
  • Plant veges or seeds – see if those old packets still have some life
  • Make a virtual garden with pictures from magazines or the www
  • Press flowers to make cards or pictures, here’s some how to 
  • Scavenger hunt – either around your garden or while you’re on that walk for fresh air.
  • Baking – muffins, decorating plain biscuits with icing, pikelets, hokey pokey is fun (and a bit sciencey)
  • Make an Around the World themed meal or day – dress up, play music, use phrases from the language, make dishes inspired by the cuisine, have a quiz
  • Write a story – add to it each day, or make it progressive so someone else adds to it each day
  • Movie Night at home – make it a bit of an event with popcorn or other treats
  • Break out the board games and puzzles

Here are some colouring in sheets:
7 YR plus colouring picture
6YR & Under Girl colouring picture
6 YR & Under Boy colouring picture

Keep checking in to see what else we come up with.