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Dave Greig’s lockdown recap

Dave Greig’s lockdown recap

Dave Greig is our hunting and fishing ambassador and, like most people who spend time in our beautiful outdoors, is keen to get back out there. In the meantime, he’s been reminiscing ….

Well she’s been a funny old time these last 5-6 weeks with lockdown and all of the challenges that have come with it. Here’s hoping we’ve broken the back of the virus and we can crack on with getting amongst the outdoors sometime soon!

Before the lockdown I managed a couple of trips where we were on the lookout for a big old Red Stag. First up, Pete and I hit a new South Westland river valley on the 6th of March. It was slow going onto the tussock following a track that had been fairly battered by wind fall and washouts earlier in the year. We eventually made it up and enjoyed a couple of days of beautiful weather exploring new country. A few animals were spotted but were not what we were looking for, so we made our way down and out before sharing a night in the hut down in the valley with a couple of gnarly older lads who had tramped their way over via the East Coast. We had a great night yarning away about everything and anything. There’s a lot to learn from keen trampers who have earnt their stripes in the hills and it was great to hear their stories.

A week or so later I got up a Canterbury valley for a 3-day solo. Although I had some cool close up encounters bumping a hand full of deer and an awesome little falcon whilst bush stalking, the big old boys evaded me for a second time. But that’s all good! I have been up and down the valleys in this area for around 12 years now and I never tire from it. A tidy photo or an up-close encounter with an animal is enough to make a trip.

Like many others, I managed to get out for one last solo trout fish before the end of the season, when it was allowed when we shifted to level 3. It was bloody good to get a bit of fresh air and catch a few nice little browns and rainbows. Nothing like being denied something for a while to gain a greater appreciation for it!

Apart from that, I’ve been going through a fair few cups of tea scanning maps, planning trips and cleaning kit. Providing things go to plan, level 2 will see public land open and I’ll be looking to get out for some trips planned with a few different mates. I’m really looking forward to putting some new bits of kit to the test out in the colder conditions of May/ June, whilst trying to capture some quality footage with the camera.

Wishing everyone a great couple of months ahead.

Dave Greig