A heritage of innovation.

Helinox has been a design-first company since 2009, focusing exclusively on bringing comfort outdoors.  In 2012, we created the category of lightweight, portable furniture with the introduction of the original Chair One.

We continue to create welcoming spaces across cultures and terrains today. Every design reflects durability, packability, lightness and a modern aesthetic. Our products are built on a knowledge of materials, next-generation construction and advanced manufacturing.

Helinox brand values

Collaborative Innovation. We are a hub of culture, creativity, and craft. Our global collaborations, creative restlessness, and unrelenting curiosity drive our approach to artistic expression and cultural connection.

Balance. Our passion for creating beautiful things and commitment to our outdoor roots makes us seek balance between aesthetics and function, weight and strength, and action and rest. Like Helios and Nox, we hold the tension between opposing natural forces.

Enduring. We offer iconic products with inspired design. We believe that making vintage, not trash is the most fundamental element of sustainability.

Together Anywhere. Our products help people create comfortable, playful environments wherever they find themselves, with whomever they choose. We encourage people to come together and build a culture of belonging.

Helinox is a community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and we recognize the impact our actions have on our environment and society. Our products are designed and manufactured to minimize
the footprint we leave behind. Our team is built to recognize that where we are is not where we’ll be. Through trial and error and consistent improvement, we will travel far—together.

Brand News

  • Helinox Chairs

    Helinox makes lightweight and highly portable camp furniture for backcountry adventures.
    Engineered using DAC aluminium and packaged with a five-year warranty.

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