Lezyne – Engineered Design

Industry icon, and German native,  Micki Kozuschek founded Lezyne in 2007.  The goal was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. In a few words, the goal was Engineered Design.

Since 2011, Lezyne has developed LED lights and again has set new standards in design and function along the way. A team of in-house product designers and engineers work under Micki Kozuschek’s lead to create the industry’s highest-quality lights. All LEDs are tested in Lezyne’s own integrating sphere; an instrument used to measure the lumen output. Lezyne also developed its own lenses to produce the best possible optics for bicycle lights.

In 2015, Lezyne added GPS computers to their line. While a massive undertaking, it was a natural evolution for the brand that already had a core team of top computer and electrical engineers. The GPS computers were developed in-house from the ground up to be lightweight, user friendly and packed with features.

Today, the goal remains the same and Lezyne is a cycling accessories industry leader with award-winning products worldwide. The LED range continues to improve and lead the industry in technology, quality, and lumen output. In addition, the brand introduced an integrated low-profile digital gauge to their hand pumps, making them the most technologically advanced hand pumps available.

Innovative products set Lezyne apart, and ahead, of the competition. For example, the CNC Floor Drive with its secure ABS chuck connection, the Carbon Road Drive with light-weight Full Carbon Technology, and multi tools using a Center-Pivot bit design. Learn more about our engineering and technology.


We are proud to sponsor a family of athletes of all levels, from beginners to experts. They compete in different events, from the dusty trails of the West to the Alpine slopes of Europe to the fertile loam of the Pacific Northwest. Among these are: Team  DSM-Firmenich, Alison Tetrick, Cedric Gracia, Geoff Gulevich, Eric Porter, Becky Gardner, and many more.

A combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design – Exquisitely designed, intelligently engineered, and functionally complete.

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