Quality and innovative design since 1974.

Since it began in 1974, Osprey has had the same relentless spirit toward innovation and quality. These values were set up by founder Mike Pfotenhauer back when he began placing his first stitches at age 16.

Little did he know, he would eventually stitch together the legacy of detailed craftmanship which Osprey is widely known for. Mike has been the unbreakable thread that has made Osprey a company like none other.

For almost fifty years we have stayed true to these values as we’ve grown, both as a company and a brand. This growth and development haven’t held back our longstanding commitments to innovation and quality. Instead, we have been able to tap into global talent and resources that have only helped to make Mike’s legacy stronger.

Mike continues to work in exacting detail as Head Designer, to push the limits of pack design. And what it means to be a sustainable, responsible, and integral member of the global outdoor industry.  All while growing a team of over 270 employees aligned around a common mission.

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