Sam’s Diary: Kara – Eminem – Nui XC – Concert – Enduro Wild Wellington Weekend

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01/03/2019 Friday, the quiet

Chill day at work with an easy commute in and back home on the Soma Steely. Lunch break consisting of a DJ (dirt jump) sesh at the Dodzy Skillz Park. Headed home to pack up all the gear into Paul Van Der Ploegs very well set up cardboard box (cheers maaate) and the rest into my wheelie Osprey baggy (advert :D), jumped in the truck and off to the airport (thanks for the dropoff Bwookie). AMAZING, sunset oh my glob. One of those that you take heapsa photos of, and they all look the same.

Arrived in Wellington at 9.30pm to the Ford Raptor (thanks for the pick up Dee) and off to the Wellington home with Bubbles and the dogs.

02/03/2019 Karapoti, Red Zones and Eminem soup.

‘Nice’ early start already to go! We jumped in the truck with XC bikes on board and headed up the Hutt to Karapoti Park for a day of fun (type 2-10 fun). Did a wee warm up before lining up on the start line on the wrong side of the river (organiser’s favourite part surely, making everyone run through the river). The gun went and we bolted through. I managed to win (or lose) ‘getting the deepest’ through the river and was straight onto the tail of Kyle Ward.

I set the pace for the first tarseal section before Kyle jumped back in front to work the bunch for the next 5 kilometres. By the time we got to the first hill it was Kyle Ward, Glen Hayden, and Meeee at the front of the race.

About 10 mins into the climb Kyle took off as I struggled to find grip on the steep damp terrain. I had to resort to sitting on the seat (a pet hate). Glen and I were left to fight for the scraps, but as we peaked and started rolling across the top of the hill Glen got a flatty (mwahaha, nah not the way you want to beat someone! But it happens to everyone).

I was now alone in second. Slid my way down the mossy rock garden and came to Devils staircase to find Kyle not far ahead hiking his bike. I hiked to about 10m from him and then we crested Devils (1000568m vert) and he boosted as if the race had just begun. I had no ‘boost’ to respond with and I struggled all the way to the end in the red zone.

Managed to hold onto second place overall and happy to land a fourth fastest time in the record books (2:13:13ish) (coming for you Anton). Kyle Smashed it and was only a minute off Anton’s Record (in 2:08:50ish). Bubbles also had a minta race finishing in a sub three hours.

Pooped as we hung around for prize giving with a couple of swims in the river and some beersies.

Straight back home after Prizegiving for a responsible amount of beersies before jumping on the train headed to the Westpac bowl for the most stacked concert I reckon New Zealand has had. Hill Top Hoods with Eminem! (big fan of both, fangirling). Back home on the train for some Rick and Morty before bed 😊.


03/03/2019 Wainui Enduro, the Storm Post Storm

Coffeee! Geared up and back on the xc bike for a day of enduro. Caught up with a lot of familiar faces and rode around with POC man Robin for the day. Was a good way to unwind after a big Saturday (rip). Happy to take a second place in my age group to the local pinner Jesse Csesh! (Bubbles also second in his age at Karapoti and today).

Packed all the gear back up and very organised (well kinda – thanks Osprey). A quick afternoon tea with Bubs, Dee, and Bradshaw and a quick trip to New World bakery before heading to the airport. Thanks for the drop off Deebubs (note to self – make sure to just high five people if they are in an awkward place to hug). Jetted home and straight to Hell’s Gate for some relaxing. Huge sleeps.


Multiple coffees required to deal with the zombie in the office.


Day in the field with Mumsie searching for rare plants populations. Great day, loving this job! We found what we were looking for and a couple extras (top secret) along with major sunburn. Took the Bwookie out for dinner at Skyline. Lucky I starved all day so I could eat around thirteen meals and really impress her with my capacity for over-indulging.