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Talented young climbers partner with SCARPA and Black Diamond

Talented young climbers partner with SCARPA and Black Diamond

We always feel privileged when talented young athletes choose to use our gear, and when we can support them in achieving their goals.
Henry Booker and Oskar Wolff are two climbers making their name in the climbing world. Find out more about them both.

Henry Booker

My name is Henry Booker, I am currently 16 years old. I have been climbing since I was 8 years old so just over half my life now. I am based in Rotorua and climb and train every weekday that I’m not working at The Wall and Basement Cinema.

Climbing has become an integral part of my life throughout the years, with frequent trips all around the country for competitions and outdoor adventures. My first ever competition was a Mt Maunganui Nationals back in 2012, I came second and have been hooked ever since. These days I like to think of myself as a well-rounded climber. I predominantly sport climb however lately I have really been getting into my trad and bouldering, and recently I have dabbled in mountaineering and ice climbing.

This year I am heading to the Darren’s in Milford sound to project some climbs and test my limits. Some climbs on the hit list are Hercules, Fuel and Xerxes.

I love climbing and have stuck with it for so many years because I love testing my limits and challenging myself. I also love the state of focus you get into while on the rock, it is a freeing feeling to be away from society and to be focusing on one thing only. Its like a form of meditation for me.

My personal favourite climbing shoes of all time are the Scarpa instincts (both the VS and Lace ups) as they are one of the most sticky shoes I have ever used and are perfect for edging on the ignimbrite and rhyolite crimps that are found closest to home.


Oskar Wolff

Hey there, my name is Oskar. I’m a passionate climber/boulderer from Wellington and I have been doing this for a five years. I started out mainly competition climbing and training indoors until I discovered real rock while out on the south coast of Wainuiomata. I instantly fell in love. Despite the sandbagged nature of the ‘Rak’ (AKA Turakirae Head) which brings you down quite a few pegs, I still accepted the struggle that is unique to outdoor climbing. After many challenging sessions you eventually find yourself on top of the boulder you spent so many torn calluses on and so many sleepless nights. That is when you realise it was all worth it.

I live in Kapiti which is an hour drive or an hour and a half train ride from Hangdog so it is quite the mission especially when I go after school. I try to get out to Hangdog 3 times a week and at least once outdoor bouldering. I have funded my travels through selling licorice at my college to the students for the last three years. I make specialised licorice bags which I put all the best stuff in and the students love it. The licorice sales alone have paid for me to fly around the world to compete in the Youth World Championships which was held last year in Arco, Italy.